A Tribute To...


We’re kickstarting a new series of Playlists meant to bring you the best Cloudcasts that pay tribute to some of the world’s beloved musicians. Curated by one of our dearest Cloudcasters Dubbel Dee.
‘Dubbel Dee’ has been collecting jazz vinyls for well over 25 years, with an eclectic and impressive of jazz to his name – Spanning the genre in it’s entirety, from swing and gypsy jazz, to latin and acid jazz.
In addition to his popular radio shows, Dick Dalaise is working on a series of “Tribute to…” Cloudcasts, with the looking glass falling on a different jazz legend fortnightly.
Check out some of his selections below including Cloudcasts byLDBKThe HedonistAdam Kvasnika and more. For the full playlist go here.
And if you’re really jazz keen, be sure to check out his latest project with the New Jazz Collectivehttp://www.mixcloud.com/TheNewJazzCollective/

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